For Engineers Without Borders to continue doing great work, we have to fundraise year round.We believe that finances should never stop a student in helping communities worldwide. Currently,we are working on two ongoing fundraisers to make traveling possible for anyone interested.

Amazon Book Drive

For the last 2 years, our club has organized a book drive to raise money for our teams. We organize the collection, sale, and distribution of different novels and textbooks that are donated to us. If you think your textbooks are worth more than the $4.00 you get from the bookstore, send them our way and know that your books are going towards a meaningful cause.

Vacuum Sales

Thanks to the generous donation of some UCSB’s Mechanical Engineering department, we have been given access to an assortment of vacuum tube lab equipment. Our current appraisals have the parts fetching a price of up to $10,000 altogether! The materials are being catalogued and we plan to sell every part as soon as possible. If this sounds like something you would be interested in helping, contact us below.

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